Israeli Network of Life Enhancing Technologies

What we Do

For Multinational Corporations, NGOs and Health Organizations

“If disability is not on your board agenda, neither is diversity. (Nor is innovation, productivity, brand experience, talent, risk, reputation….)”

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Whether you are a corporation or NGO generally looking at what life-enhancing technologies can do for your organization or you are a health organization seeking a specific solution, we can match your needs to optimum solutions. INLET is deeply involved across the entire Israeli assistive technology ecosystem, from the entrepreneurs and companies creating the newest technologies to the needs facilities testing these solutions. We segment technology solutions into five core impairment areas that they address: 1) visual, 2) hearing, 3) speaking, 4) cognitive, and 5) mobility. For corporations, we identify technologies that 1) enable you to employ people with disabilities as productive members of your workforce, and 2) broaden the customer base you serve via expanded accessibility. For health organizations, we focus on the specific needs of the population you serve and introduce you to the latest technologies making advances to offer increased independence to those populations.

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For Israeli Assistive Technology Companies

To bring Israeli life-enhancing technology to people in need around the world, we have five areas of focus


We unite the Israeli assistive tech community, virtually and physically, via forums and events. This community includes not only the companies building assistive technologies, but also the facilities servicing people with needs, NGOs, maker communities, investors and government entities.  


Leveraging our own deep experience in product development and partnering with additional product experts, we guide Israeli assistive tech companies to improve their products, tighten their unique product-market fits and identify crossover opportunities in which their assistive technology products may have broader application.  


On behalf of the Israeli assistive tech community, we build partnerships with multinational corporations and relevant entities and both host such entities in Israel to meet key members of the Israeli assistive tech community and lead delegations from the Israeli community overseas.   


We guide Israeli assistive tech companies through a disciplined fundraising process, including tightening their presentation and connecting them to vetted investors who look to INLET for domain expertise.

market access

As opposed to some product categories, which may be exported in a similar manner across markets, assistive technologies often require a more nuanced approach market to market. We navigate these key differences across markets and create relationships and partnerships with key gatekeepers and entry points, including regulatory bodies, insurance reimbursement programs, government and private entities, to enable Israeli companies to grow and succeed globally and to ensure that the global disabled and aging markets benefit from world-class technology.